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Allied Home Launches Bedding With Performance Recycled Down

Allied Home, a manufacturer of bedding products, has launched RENU:700 Performance Recycled Down bedding, furthering its commitment to sustainability by helping reduce the textile waste in landfills.

By working with a global recycling supply chain, Allied is able to collect post-consumer bedding from Germany, Italy, Russia and North America and reuse the down inside these products for its RENU:700 Performance Recycled Down bedding line.

The collected down undergoes an intensive sanitation process at Allied’s facility. It is cleaned using a proprietary DuraWash method using environmentally safe, Bluesign-approved detergents to meet strict levels of cleanliness and quality standards. The result are down clusters and feathers that are resilient and strong.

Allied’s RENU:700 Performance Recycled Down bedding and its supply chain is certified to the Global Recycling Standard, an independent certification auditor. This certification ensures all material has been collected from post-consumer goods and processed within strict chemical regulations and social compliance guidelines.

“With the future of our planet top of mind, more and more consumers are choosing eco-friendly products from brands that are in line with their values,” Jonathan Uretsky, chief operating officer of Allied Home, said. “We’ve seen acceptance of post-consumer products increasing and we are very excited to launch an exceptional quality recycled bedding collection that’s been years in the making. Consumers can sleep deeply knowing they made a sustainable impact by choosing to rest on RENU:700.”

The down inside RENU:700 bedding is a lofty 700 fill power white recycled down, offering pillows and comforters that provide a combination of fluffy and soft with comfort and support. The pillow and comforter shells are made with a 233 thread count, 100 percent certified organic cotton.

Grown free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, the luxurious, breathable natural-color cotton shell is more sustainable than conventional cotton. Allied Home’s new RENU:700 Performance Recycling bedding is available online now at