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Aussie Designer Sara Caverley to Make Footwear With Sustainable, Anti-Counterfeit Thread

Applied DNA Sciences, a specialist in DNA-traceable manufacturing, and thread manufacturer American & Efird said Tuesday that A&E’s Intergrity advanced identification thread technology is available for its Eco100 recycled sewing thread line.

Utilizing Applied DNA’s CertainT molecular-based technology, A&E’s introduction of Integrity Eco100 thread provides an innovative and economical solution for brands to authenticate and validate their products anywhere within the supply chain by way of a common component: sewing thread.

The Integrity Eco100 identification thread line is produced with 100 percent recycled fiber and combines the technology of Applied DNA’s proprietary CertainT with the Beacon platform. This innovation can authenticate a brand’s products and components by using the Beacon technology for a quick, in-the-field optical verification and, when needed, by using a portable qPCR test for a forensic analysis of the molecular tag.

Applied DNA and American & Efird said A&E’s Intergrity advanced ID technology thread is available for its Eco100 recycled sewing thread.
Integrity Eco100 thread Courtesy

Australian celebrity designer Sara Caverley will use Eco100 thread products imbued with Integrity and CertainT in her namesake footwear brand, Caverly, to ensure supply chain security and authenticity.

“During my time as a designer, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is the importance of supply chain security,” Caverley said. “It is essential that Caverley products are produced with sustainable components that can be traced throughout their supply chain, while ensuring we are delivering the very best to our customers. A&E’s Eco100 recycled sewing threads provide tangible proof of the one-of-a-kind leather and luxury trimmings used in our products.”

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Chris Alt, executive vice president of A&E, said the company’s customers are “hyper-aware” of the detrimental effects of counterfeit products, from lost sales to the potential loss of brand equity.

“It’s a real and global threat,” Alt said. “Our expansion of Integrity secure thread technology developed with Applied DNA Sciences is a natural progression for us to address our customers’ needs and extend our brand protection solutions.”

Wayne Buchen, vice president of strategic sales at Applied DNA, said Integrity thread protects the brand, as well as supply chains, at a time when security and sustainability are extremely important.

“We are helping to ensure that customers can meet their supply chain traceability and sustainability goals,” Buchen said.

The CertainT platform has three technology pillars–tag, test and track–that allows raw materials and products to be tagged with a unique molecular identifier. This identifier can then be tested for its presence as it travels throughout a global supply chain.

A&E, a portfolio company of Elevate Textiles, is the manufacturer and distributor of premium industrial and consumer sewing thread, embroidery thread and technical textiles for producers of apparel, automotive components, home furnishings, medical supplies and footwear.