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Applied DNA Takes Next Step in Cotton Authenticity Testing

Applied DNA Sciences, which is commercializing LinearDNA, and Stratum Reservoir (Isotech), and specialist in fingerprinting naturally occurring organic compounds such as cotton, have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for Applied DNA to deploy Isotech’s isotopic analysis (IA) as a confirmatory assay for cotton genotyping, the process through which cotton DNA is utilized to forensically determine cotton fiber and fabric origin.

The MoU is expected to be followed by a definitive agreement between the companies. Its signing follows the joint presentation of initial data by the companies at an American Apparel and Footwear Association event that describes a methodology and findings for the successful determination of Egyptian cotton fiber, yarn and fabric origin using cotton genomics with affirmation by IA.

The complementary use of IA to Applied DNA’s CertainT platform for textile traceability yields a continuity of forensic data across the entirety of a natural fiber-based value chain–from source to finished goods–to ensure adherence to social–avoidance of products made with forced or slave labor–and environmental practices such as sustainability or organic aligned with regulatory and consumer expectations. Under the MoU, the companies will support business development opportunities for cotton traceability and continue to build and compile a global database of cotton, yarn and fabric samples from known sources to broaden the application and utility of IA.

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“The use of IA complements our CertainT platform to deliver what we believe is a best-in-class, multilayered approach to supply chain traceability and assurance across the entirety of natural fiber-based value chains,” MeiLin Wan, vice president of textile sales at Applied DNA, said. “With CertainT, once origin is established, we deliver certainty that we believe is immutable and forensic from source-to-shelf. The power of DNA is now augmented with IA.”

Steven Pelphrey, director of Stratum Reservoir (Isotech), said stable isotope analysis is a powerful tool that the company has historically used in the oil and gas industry.

“Through our collaboration with Applied DNA, we can now more broadly apply our proven technology and techniques to the textile industry,” Pelphrey said. “This both enhances Applied DNA’s CertainT platform with an additional layer of geographic provenance and delivers an unmatched solution to the marketplace.”

Isotech is a member of the Stratum Reservoir group of companies, which operates rock and fluids analysis laboratories to enable the discovery and sustainable development of energy resources through applied geosciences.