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Video: The Time for Full Traceability is Now

The tide is turning in the apparel industry, and it’s being led by companies like Everlane and Patagonia. By being transparent about their costs, factory partners and sustainability efforts, these brands are training shoppers to expect more information about the items they buy.

Wayne Buchen, vice president of strategic sales for molecular-based supply chain authentication company Applied DNA, says this new consumer landscape will ultimately change the entire market and what’s considered to be best practices.

“A piece of paper doesn’t mean anything. Previously, a piece of paper or a certificate, we hung our hat on. Today, the market, the consumer, the individuals that purchase our products want to know more. A piece of paper is just a transaction that’s given to you that tells you I bought X from Y but it doesn’t tell you enough details,” he said.

To know what you have—and to feel confident messaging around it—Buchen said brands today must be vigilant about the integrity of every product, from the raw materials phase. Watch the video to learn why he says the industry no longer has a choice when it comes to transparency.