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Australian Wool Production to Dip 2% This Season

The Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee (AWPFC) has predicted that wool production in Australia will decrease 2 percent for the 2014/15 season from 341 million kilograms to 334 million greasy kilograms, according to Wool News.

While an evident decrease, the production is anticipated to be less than the decline previously estimated in August.

Russell Pattinson, AWPFC chairman, said, “While the Committee expected in August that average fleece weights would improve this season, the increase appears to have been better than anticipated in some regions, notably in the southern half of New South Wales where seasonal conditions are reported to be very good.” He added, “The fall in the number of sheep shorn across the country will still outweigh the improvement in average fleece weights.”

According to the forecast, average fleece weights across Australia have an estimated increase of 2.9% due to fleece weights that were better than expected in parts of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. However, this will not be enough to intervene in the anticipated decline in the number of sheep shorn by 4.7%.

Regionally, very poor seasonal conditions in Queensland are expected to cause production to fall to the lowest on record, 7.4 million kilograms. Shorn wool production in northern New South Wales has also been affected by poor seasons, although this has been the offset by the improvement in the southern half of the state.

New South Wale’s wool production is forecast at 125.1 million kilograms in the current season. It is estimated that Western Australia and Victoria will decline 4.1% year-on-year and 1.7% in wool production for the season. Wool production in South Australia is expected to increase 1.9% this season, despite the difficult conditions being predicted for the second half of the season. Wool production is Tasmania is forecast to slightly decrease by 0.6%.