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Bluesign Boosts Textile Sustainability With Archroma Partnership

colored dyes

Bluesign Technologies has selected fellow Swiss company Archroma’s One Way calculation tool as the engine behind BlueXpert, its latest innovation aimed at boosting resource-efficient textile production.

Set to launch exclusively to Bluesign partners in 2016, the company claims BlueXpert will allow manufacturers to cut water usage in half, improve energy usage by up to 30 percent and reduce chemical consumption by 15 percent—and One Way can help guide that sustainability journey.

The tool includes information on hundreds of dyes and chemicals, as well as the 11 restricted substance groups listed under the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) roadmap, which can provide brands, retailers and mills with a fast, measurable and reliable approach to identifying and selecting products and processes that can help reduce their environmental footprint.

Archroma was the first to introduce a tool that would help their textile customers make the best choices in favor of resource optimization and, whilst One Way obviously focuses on Archroma’s products and processes, we considered the approach with strong interest,” said Peter Waeber, CEO of Bluesign Technologies.

BlueXpert also includes proprietary algorithms specific to Bluesign criteria, such as the air emission factor, and for the first time combines the Bluefinder database of pre-screened and more sustainable dyes, detergents and chemicals with the “Best Available Technology” process selection.

Paul Cowell, head of brand marketing for textile specialties at Archroma, added, “We are very proud that our groundwork with One Way helped Bluesign bring its revolutionary Bluesign BlueXpert tool to support those brands and players who want to lead the way to a more sustainable textile and fashion industry.”