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Boll & Branch Courts Thread-Count Connoisseurs

Direct-to-consumer bedding brand Boll & Branch has its sights set on high-thread-count bedding consumers with a new initiative that promotes recycling while introducing shoppers to its brand.

The company, which specializes in fair-trade bedding made with certified-organic cotton, aims to show consumers the difference between thread count and thread quality with a promotion to try its products. According to Boll & Branch founder and head designer Missy Tannen, the goal is to not only generate sales, but also illustrate how bedding made with a lower thread count can be just as comfortable.

“When it comes to thread count, most people forget that the quality of threads is far more important than the quantity,” Tannen said. “When we created our Signature fabric, I didn’t worry about how many threads I could get into a small space. Instead, my objective was to find the most superior processes for turning our 100 percent organic cotton into the most luxurious threads.”

Through Aug. 18, Boll & Branch will offer customers a discount when they recycle or donate sheets that are not made by the company. Tannen said she hopes the promotion will not only make Boll & Branch’s bedding accessible to a wider range of customers, but also introduce them to the benefits of a sustainable product.

“We use 100 percent organic long-staple cotton and can trace our threads from farm to family home,” she said. “We never allow the use of harmful chemicals or toxins to touch our fabrics, and we forgo common treatments like anti-wrinkle coatings made of formaldehyde. We also pay and treat everyone from our farmers to factory workers fairly.”

And while a discount may initially land new customers, Tannen said she hopes the experience of and story behind Boll & Branch’s bedding will change the way they look at how they sleep.

“For all of the time spent snuggled in sheets and under duvets and blankets, I want to know every stitch is made of the best materials, with the most luxurious processes and in the hands of experts who are paid and treated fairly,” she said. “Look beyond thread count.”