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How Burlington is Weaving Performance Fabrics Into Wool Dress Uniforms

Burlington Industries is set to challenge preconceived notions about what a dress uniform can be with the launch of Raeflex performance fabrics.

Raeford Uniform Fabrics, a division of the Burlington Industries, has developed Raeflex fabrics with advanced stretch and the ability to integrate durable technical finishes not previously available in the dress uniform market. The fabrics are designed to keep up with the increasing demands of workers in the public safety and career apparel markets, Raeford said.

Raeflex combines enhanced stretch yarns with the blended worsted spun merino wool yarns for which Raeford Uniforms is known. With 200 percent to 400 percent more stretch than traditional uniform fabrics, Raeflex fabrics allow the garments to have maximum movement with the same required professional appearance.

Raeflex fabrics also include Burlington Lab’s proprietary Moisture Control System for advanced wicking and moisture management, creating a fabric with superior comfort that matches the rigorous demands of the uniform market. Burlington’s in-house research and development incubator, Burlington Labs, engineers advanced fabrics and technical finishes that are applied to protect and enhance performance while providing protection, easy care and comfort in diverse environments.

“This product was developed based on evaluating user experiences, assessing techniques and technologies from other industries, and then bringing it to fruition for the hardest working members of our communities.” Allen Smith, president of Burlington Safety Components and A&E Americas, said. “Being a part of an organization like Elevate Textiles allows us an unprecedented advantage to combine resources and leverage some of the best minds in the textile industry to push the boundaries of what fabric can do.”

Raeflex fabric expands Raeford’s current uniform products and will be primarily produced at the company’s Casimires Plant in Yecapixtla, Mexico. Burlington operates as part of Elevate Textiles Inc. and includes worldwide operations in the U.S., Mexico and China. Elevate Textiles’ business units also include American & Efird, Cone Denim, Carlisle, Gütterman and Safety Components.