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Burlington’s Odorblock Puts Plant Power to Work

Burlington Industries, a division of Elevate Textiles, is introducing a plant-based odor control solution called Odorblock.

Partnering with Life Natural, Burlington has incorporated its proprietary odor control technology to provide an environmentally conscious, effective textile solution as one of its many steps toward a more sustainable future. As part of the Odorblock offering, Burlington is using the bacteria-fighting power of plants to control perspiration odors and preserve fabric freshness.

Life Natural is a bio-based odor control technology that uses peppermint oil as the key active ingredient. The essential oil of peppermint is extracted using steaming, excluding any use of solvents or other chemicals.

Life Natural’s source plant, mentha piperita, is farmed under specific environmental factors, including soil, salinity, nutrition, water, temperature, photoperiod and plant age, as well as harvesting and planting times.

This technology aligns with Burlington’s sustainability priorities and contains no silver or other metals, is renewable, natural and highly durable. When odor is reduced, the fabric requires less laundering, ultimately helping to reduce microplastic shedding, water waste and ocean pollution.

“This natural odor blocking technology gives us the ability to offer our customers the next step in eco-friendly fabric solutions,” Burlington sales manager Andrew Hicks said. “Burlington is not only dedicated to offering the most effective, high-performance technologies, but also the most environmentally friendly and renewable solutions. We are constantly searching for opportunities to work with likeminded companies to push forward to the next, most sustainable step for our brand and for the industry.”

Odorblock is Burlington’s collection of odor control technologies that absorbs and stops odor-causing bacteria from sticking to the fabric, keeping fabric fresher for longer. Developed by Burlington Labs, this technology is factory applied, durable and non-migrating, providing hygienic freshness while preventing staining and deterioration.

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Plant-based options are catching on.

Polartec also said this month that it will be switching from metal-based odor-fighting agents to peppermint oil. The move marks an evolution away from common additives to a renewable and biodegradable solution. Polartec also noted that anti-odor agents have long been used to extend a product’s lifespan and cut energy usage by skirting the need for frequent washing and that it was looking for an eco-friendly option that didn’t sacrifice performance.

Burlington is a global diversified provider of textile solutions across performance and specialty apparel fabrics, activewear, advanced uniform fabrics and technical fabrics. Burlington operates as part of Elevate Textiles, with worldwide operations in the United States, Mexico and China. Elevate Textiles is a collection of textile brands including American & Efird, Burlington, Cone Denim, Gütermann and Safety Components.