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Burlington Introduces PF Zero Sustainable Tech for Performance Apparel

Burlington has launched PF Zero sustainable repellency technology for use in high-performing apparel fabrics.

PF Zero is a non-fluorocarbon, water-based repellency finish with strong durability and maximum protection, offering the next level of environmentally conscious innovative fabric solutions.

“The PF Zero technology, combined with other Burlington fabric innovations, creates the ultimate in performance and comfort for active lifestyles,” Nelson Bebo, vice president of performance fabrics at Burlington, said. “PF Zero offers the next level of sustainable performance to Burlington’s advanced fabric technologies with a PFAS-free finish offering superior repellency that can be combined with other Burlington Labs technologies–whether it be a moisture activated cooling sensation, a smart technology that adapts to your environment hot or cold, basic wicking or UV protection. Life can be unpredictable. Burlington’s PF Zero fabrics give you the comfort and confidence to take it all in stride.”

PFAs, or Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are manmade chemical substances difficult for the environment and human bodies to break down. According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), accumulation of certain PFAs has also been shown through blood tests to occur in humans and animals. While the science surrounding potential health effects of this bioaccumulation of certain PFAS is developing, evidence suggests it may cause serious health conditions, the FDA said, causing many textile companies to eliminate them from their fibers and fabrics.

The durability of PF Zero performance includes water repellency that remains unchanged after 50 launderings, significantly outperforming competitor technologies. The combination of PF Zero finish within Burlington’s Micromove collection offers a new level of sustainable comfort, stretch and durability.

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Burlington’s revamped Micromove 365 collection is an innovative fabric offering designed to be sustainable, comfortable and versatile, allowing the fabric to flex and stretch with each move. The fiber and finish technologies provide soft, drapable fabrics highlighting two- and four-way stretch for maximum range of motion that transitions throughout the day and activities.

“Sustainability is at the forefront of all Burlington developments, with a commitment to responsible chemistries, recycled content and manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impact,” Bebo added. “PF Zero technology opens new opportunities across Burlington’s platform of performance technologies, allowing us to lead in the development of sustainable, easy-care and super comfortable fabrics that protect and perform throughout the day.”

Burlington is a global diversified provider of textile solutions across performance and specialty apparel fabrics, activewear, advanced uniform fabrics and technical fabrics. Burlington operates as part of Elevate Textiles Inc. and includes worldwide operations in the United States, Mexico and China.