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All About Byborre’s Textile-as-a-Service Design Tool

Dutch textile innovation company Byborre is merging the textile sector’s physical and digital world with the design tool Create serving as the portal between both.

Create is digital design software that gives brands, designers and creators ownership over the design and production process, with direct access to textile creation technology and the capabilities of circular knitting machines via an online design tool. It offers a service as solution and enables creators to make less but more meaningful and responsible products.

Byborre said Create reverses the supply chain. Instead of finding a textile that matches the design, creators now can design from the yarn up, making more conscious decisions along the way.

Designers can create smart and conscious textiles in three easy steps. First, they can define the functionality of the textile and the fit for the purpose of the end product, whether it will be used for apparel, interior or automotive. Each textile can have different properties, such as UV protection, odor resistance or durability.

Second, Create makes it possible to create color combinations without the complexity of choosing the right yarn colors. The color palette is automatically translated to yarn combinations based on the availability of Byborre’s in-house yarn stock, avoiding large and intensive dyeing methods.

Next, custom artwork from 3D patterns and illustrations to fill patterns, multicolor knitting or integrated text is available by uploading one or multiple layers of artwork to make custom textiles.

Since 2015, Byborre has aimed to better the future of textile creation and welcomed high-end fashion, sportswear, interior and automotive brands to its digital platform and knit development hub for textile design, rapid sampling and on-demand production. In October, the company added the Window of Textile Opportunities (WoTO) to its world of textile innovation, adding another layer to the existing initiatives to drastically change the textile industry. The WoTO showroom represents a worldwide transparent ecosystem of supply chain stakeholders and industry changemakers, housing permanent exhibitions of the partners, such as The Woolmark Company and Parley for the Oceans.