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Cap Yarns LLC, Delivering Unsurpassed Quality and Innovation Since 1944

Cap Yarns, LLC takes pride in having the greatest fiber blending capacity of any yarn manufacturer in the Americas. Their ability to produce custom yarns in large and small batches in record turnaround times has earned Cap Yarns a rare distinction in the industry.

Cap Yarns is renowned for its innovative, unique and high-quality specialty yarns and custom blends for the knitting and weaving industries. They feature sustainably sourced natural and fiber-dyed yarns with distinct characteristics capable of creating original looks and textures for a discerning international clientele.

What truly sets Cap Yarns ahead of the pack is their reCapture upcycled yarns made from recycled, sustainable, and organic cotton, hemp, recycled plastics, eucalyptus and beech trees. Their innovative ring-spun yarn manufacturing process allows Cap Yarns to process recycled blends to produce fine, long-fiber yarns of the highest quality, strength and texture.

They are the exclusive spinners of ReCover Tex Cotton in the Americas—the highest-rated sustainable cotton fiber on the market. By joining forces with the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, Cap Yarns is even better equipped to source their sustainable cotton suppliers and pass the assurance on to their clients and the consumer.

What’s more, Cap Yarns offers top-quality recycled fibers that retain their original dye, further minimizing the environmental footprint by reducing chemical dye use, energy consumption, and impact on the waste stream and local water supply.

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U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol sets industry-wide standards for sustainable cotton

Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding transparency from the brands they buy. They want the guarantee that the products they purchase are ethically and sustainably manufactured and that each facet of the supply chain—be it the individuals involved or the environment—is protected and sustained.

With the extra backing from the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, manufacturers like Cap Yarns, who have perfected the sustainable yarn production process, can ultimately help their brand and retail customers reach their own sustainability targets.

That’s because the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol lets brands, businesses and consumers trust in the cotton they buy, sell and wear. By establishing verifiable goals and measurements, they set industry-wide standards for sustainable field-to-market cotton production in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Farms and manufacturers aligned with the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol have the data-driven results to prove their commitment to protecting the planet and its people; today and for future generations. Trust Protocol’s key sustainability benchmarks will continue to drive improvements in multiple industry sectors, including land use, soil health, water management, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy efficiency.

For more information on Cap Yarns’ sustainability commitments and the U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol, click here.