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Chargeurs PCC Inks Supplier Deal With Made-to-Order Manufacturer

Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies, one of the world’s largest apparel interlinings manufacturer, announced Wednesday that it has launched a partnership with Custom Wrkshop, an on-demand platform for customization and made-to-order apparel, shoes and accessories.

Under the agreement, Chargeurs PCC will become the exclusive supplier of sustainable interlinings and inner components to Custom Wrkshop’s network of customers and represent Custom Wrkshop as a technology offering to its own global network of more than 6,000 customers and partners.

Custom Wrkshop provides front- and back-end digitization tools for garment customization, allowing shoppers to receive garments directly from manufacturers in about two weeks. By partnering with Custom Wrkshop, Chargeurs is building on its early sustainability investments and cementing its place as a full-circle digital company driving sustainability and flexibility at every stage of production, from design, development and manufacturing to marketing and selling.

“Made-to-order manufacturing is one of the most sustainable options available to the fashion industry and consumers, as it eliminates materials waste, overproduction and costly returns due to poor fit,” Audrey Petit, managing director of Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies, said. “We’re extremely proud to partner with Custom Wrkshop to supply our sustainable interlinings and inner components to its customers and enable conscious manufacturing through its global network of fully digitized factory partners. In addition, we will be offering Custom Wrkshop’s innovative plug-and-play software to our own customers, allowing them to easily add a module connected to digitized manufacturing facilities to their e-commerce stores so their end customers can create made-to-order pieces.”

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The Custom Wrkshop platform provides brands with back-end connections to digitized manufacturing facilities across the globe, helping solve overproduction and inventory shipping challenges. For designers of garments, footwear, bags and accessories, the platform’s real-time costing engine provides full visibility into cost during the design process, reducing the use of materials, while boosting speed to market.

Chargeurs PCC launched an exclusive partnership with 3D design software firm CLO last year, enabling brand designers to easily import digital assets created with CLO into the Custom Wrkshop platform.

“This partnership between Custom Wrkshop and Chargeurs PCC allows our companies to leverage each other’s strengths to drive sustainability at scale for brands and help eliminate overproduction and waste,” Matteo Gottardi, CEO and creative director at Custom Wrkshop, said. “Chargeurs PCC’s extensive catalog of sustainable materials, its large customer base and its relationships with 3D design leaders make it a perfect partner for us.”

The agreement is the latest step in Chargeurs’ journey to drive sustainability and flexibility in the fashion industry through digital innovation. In 2019, Chargeurs launched a complete collection of interlinings and inner components made with eco-responsible materials. The Sustainable 360 line is used by global brands, including Adidas, Itochu, J.Crew, Macy’s, Madewell, PVH, Target and Uniqlo.

The company’s partnership with CLO, launched in 2020, allows designers to access Chargeurs’ interlinings as digital assets, giving creators real-time visibility into how a garment’s drape and silhouette will change a design. This information greatly reduces the need for physical samples, preventing waste and unnecessary transportation of goods, while increasing speed to market.

In addition, Chargeurs PCC has created a digital showroom that offers an immersive virtual experience for the company’s customers and features a gallery of products for multiple fashion, apparel and accessories categories. Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies’ parent company, Chargeurs, is based in France and serves clients in more than 90 countries, with more than 2,000 employees across 45 countries.