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Chargeurs Unveils New Brand Identity for Sustainable Product Collection

Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies, a large apparel interlinings manufacturer, revealed a new brand identity–Sustainable 360–for its line of interlinings launched just over a year ago as the Sustainable 50 collection.

The new moniker marks the collection’s evolution into a stand-alone brand and reflects Chargeurs’ full-circle commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The company also announced that Sustainable 360 will include  innovative performance interlinings and linings, such as those made with Lainiere Performance Silver for antimicrobial and anti-odor protection.

The Sustainable 360 product line is the first complete collection of both interlinings and inner components such as shoulder pads, canvas chest pieces and undercollar felt made with eco-responsible materials, including BCI cotton, GRS-certified recycled polyester, hemp and recycled plastics. Since its launch, the collection has seen widespread adoption by leading brands that include Adidas, J.Crew, Claudie Pierlot, Macy’s, Maje, Madewell, PVH, Target and Uniqlo. Banana Republic men’s and Itochu are among the Chargeurs PCC customers that have committed to creating whole ranges using Sustainable 360 interlinings exclusively in their products.

“Our sustainable collection has seen phenomenal growth since launching a year ago and based on that success, we designed the new Sustainable 360 brand identity to identify this as a permanent collection and more clearly convey to the market the breadth and benefits of our offering,” Audrey Petit, managing director of Chargeurs PCC Fashion Technologies, said. “The name better illustrates what sets us apart from our competition–our complete commitment to corporate social responsibility, which goes far beyond just using recycled and sustainable materials.”

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Chargeurs PCC has rolled out a series of innovations since initially launching its sustainable interlining collection, including manufacturing a line of circular-knit interlining products using a process patented by partner mill Weemeet that requires no water. The company is also creating coatings for products using recycled polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which is commonly used as a safety layer inside auto and building glass and then landfilled. At launch, the Chargeurs PCC sustainable collection offered 50 items, but the range has expanded to include more than 250 articles. In addition, the company can now sustainably manufacture any base material in its catalogue of thousands of products, including nylon, polyester and cotton.

“Our brand is committed to producing clothing with as close to 100 percent sustainable materials as possible,” said Tim Reid, head of brand at State of Matter, owned by Itochu Prominent. “The Sustainable 360 line allows us to source high-quality, sustainable inner components backed by a complete CSR program. Chargeurs PCC’s full-circle commitment is right in line with our mission to lead the industry into new best practices in sustainability.”

In late 2020, Chargeurs Group received its first sustainability-linked euro private placement loan. The 100 million euro bond underlines the deep commitment of the company to corporate social responsibility and will enable it to deploy its investment strategy.