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Circular Systems, Tintex Collaborate for Low-Impact Premium Knits Collection

Circular Systems, a materials science company based in Los Angeles, has partnered with Tintex, a Portuguese sustainable textile company, to launch a premium knits collection designed with Texloop RCOT Primo recycled cotton yarns using Tintex’s Colorau natural dyeing processing.

The companies said the collection utilizes some of the lowest-impact materials and processing available on the market. The collaboration employs a patented process that replaces synthetic dyes with natural extracts and combines fabric milled with yarns with up to 50 percent recycled cotton.

Circular Systems and Tintex noted that dyeing is one of the most polluting parts of the textile industry. They cited World Bank estimates that 17 percent to 20 percent of industrial water pollution comes from textile dyeing and finishing treatment given to fabric. Some 72 toxic chemicals have been identified in water solely from textile dyeing, 30 of which cannot be removed, they said.

Circular Systems and Tintex have created a knits line using Texloop RCOT Primo recycled cotton yarns and Tintex's Colorau natural dye.
Tintex x Circular Systems chestnut rib knit. Courtesy

The Colorau natural dyeing process incorporates compounds of natural origin like plants into substrates to produce functional, ecological and sustainable technology. This process also eliminates potentially toxic effluents generated by synthetic dyestuffs.

The use of low temperatures in the dyeing process and the substitution of traditional auxiliaries with natural occurring alternatives also contribute to the overall process’ impacts reduction. Tintex said there is no sacrifice in color durability, as Colorau has natural extracts with inherent color fastness properties that can be also antimicrobial. The collection will be available in thyme, chestnut tree, gambier and morus tinctoria colors.

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Texloop RCOT Primo recycled cotton is Circular Systems’ most widely-adopted impact solution, reaching millions of consumers to-date. With its own innovative Global Recycling Standard (GRS) classification from Textile Exchange, RCOT Primo are high quality ring-spun yarns with up to 50 percent recycled cotton with a multitude of applications across fashion products.

Circular Systems and Tintex have created a knits line using Texloop RCOT Primo recycled cotton yarns and Tintex's Colorau natural dye.
Tintex RCOT Primo natural dyes. Courtesy

This fabric collection marks the first time Circular Systems has partnered with a premiere mill partner like Tintex to execute a complete, circular material solution from raw materials to finished fabrics with natural dye.

“We have been collaborating for years with the amazing team at Tintex,” Isaac Nichelson, CEO and co-founder of Circular Systems, said. “In the latest project, we are excited to have combined our best-in-class recycled cotton Texloop RCOT Primo with their Colorau process to produce a beautiful knit fabric collection, with colors that are both long-lasting and fabrics that are circular by design.”

The collaboration with Circular Systems is a great example of how the industry is evolving to become a synergetic and integrated platform of ideas, Tintex CEO Ricardo Silva said.

“Through a process of co-creation, we are placing the consumer at the center of the business,” Silva said. “We celebrate how our teams aligned to achieve this common objective of bringing the best-in-class technologies to the market.

The collection is available for purchase through Tintex and can be viewed on its website,