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Contempora Solves the Apparel Industry’s Need for High-Quality Knit Fabrics

Founded in 1972, Contempora is an employee-owned circular knit company based in Lumberton, N.C. Starting as a contract knitter, it has evolved into a premier knit fabric manufacturer in the United States. Today, with more than 200 machines and a capacity of over 3 million pounds per month, Contempora continues to evolve and grow to support the success of their customers.

Contempora’s vast product line is composed of single- and double-knit constructions in gauges ranging from coarse to fine, and since 2015, the company has purchased 55 knitting machines. These investments have increased capacity by over 25 percent, while reducing energy usage incrementally.

Contempora is committed to applying sustainable practices to every aspect of the business. It is the company’s goal to become a leader in the sustainable production of knit goods and to push the industry toward the move to a more environmentally friendly future.


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By joining the U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol, Contempora furthered its commitment to protecting the planet by ensuring the cotton in their knits is grown and processed following the highest sustainability standards. And with consumers increasingly demanding ethically manufactured fashion, Contempora is equipped and ready to deliver.

U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol:  a united front for a sustainable future 

Contempora produces quality knit fabrics for a wide variety of markets, and its customers produce apparel for team sports, performance athletic and corporate identity. While a majority of its fabrics are supplied for apparel, the company also services customers in industrial end uses.

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Contempora continues to strive toward applying green practices in all aspects of manufacturing because it is the right thing to do. The company is dedicated to becoming a leader in sustainable knit fabric production and will continue to push the industry to do the same.

The U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol sets quantifiable and verifiable goals for both farmers and manufacturers based on proven field-to-market sustainability credentials, analysis, and certifications. For example, Trust Protocol supports participating cotton growers to develop new farming practices that maximize land-use efficiency, increase soil carbon, implement improved water management systems, increase energy efficiency, and minimize soil loss and greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to directly supporting seven of the 2025 UN Sustainable Goals, U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol is recognized by Textile Exchange and Forum for the Future. It is also a participant of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Cotton 2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge, Cotton 2040, and Cotton Up initiatives.

By sourcing Trust Protocol cotton, manufacturers and end-users are assured their fabrics and textiles have the lowest climate impact possible, ensuring a healthier planet for generations to come. Brands and retailers worldwide can confidently source fabrics from Contempora knowing they are supply-chain partners of U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol and are dedicated to continuous improvement.

The U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol distinguishes manufacturers like Contempora as trusted suppliers of sustainably produced cotton knit fabrics. For more information, click here.