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Cordura’s New Positioning Could Elevate Performance Fabric Innovation

The Cordura brand is redefining fabric’s role in active lifestyles through its new brand positioning and first consumer-aimed brand campaign.

Positioning itself as offering “Advanced Fabrics,” Cordura hopes to communicate a commitment to continued innovation in fabric technology and its role in enabling the high-performance products consumers demand.

“Consumers are looking to get more out of their garments, both in how and where they use them,” Pranay Harsh, business director at Cordura, said. “From sustainability to enhanced functionality, our new positioning communicates our aspiration to create innovative fabrics that will deliver on these increased expectations.”

The brand positioning will be supported by new marketing designed to build awareness among the creators and consumers of high-performance apparel and gear. The campaign features video and static content that merge stories of fabric innovation and human persistence. The campaign will be presented globally through digital advertising, social media and a dedicated landing page.

“Cordura fabric has a more than 50-year legacy of enabling the development of high-performance apparel and gear products,” Jackson Pettit, Cordura’s global marketing director. “Our positioning of ‘Advanced Fabrics’ embraces this legacy, while also pointing to our long-term commitment to innovation for the future. By connecting compelling fabric development stories with the individuals that put those fabrics to the test every day, we challenge our audience to demand more from what they wear.”

The Cordura Advanced Fabrics platform provides solutions across a comprehensive range, from lightweight, comfort fabrics for casual apparel and activewear, to fabrics that stand up to the toughest environments. Known for pushing the limits of fabric performance, Cordura fabrics have found their way into apparel and gear by brands like Carhartt, Vans and Manhattan Portage, which use the material to enhance their products.

“Cordura fabrics have long been recognized for their outstanding quality, durability and range of versatility,” Cindy McNaull, Cordura’s business development director, said. “Our expanded brand positioning platform and new master brand campaign encompasses our passion and commitment to provide users with long-lasting fabric solutions. These will be powerful tools to help communicate the breadth and depth of our innovative Cordura fabric portfolio. We’re excited to work alongside our strategic brand, retailer and mill partners to elevate and amplify this story to a global consumer audience.”