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Cotswold Industries – Innovative Manufacturing Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Cotswold Industries is a third-generation family-owned business that knows the importance of protecting the planet. As large-scale providers of next-generation fabrics, they produce cutting-edge, quality technical textiles and blends for front-line professionals, including healthcare workers and the military.

Cotswold takes their social and environmental responsibilities seriously and conducts all aspects of business following the highest ethical standards. Over 50 percent of their manufacturing takes place on U.S. soil, providing important jobs to Americans and supporting the national economy.

They value the success and growth of their employees and every actor in the field-to-mill supply chain—even overseas. In addition to fostering innovation and collaboration in the workplace, Cotswold promotes career and learning development and recognition programs for their staff.

Their social responsibility transcends the manufacturing plants into the local and global communities by providing education opportunities, charitable donations, and supporting non-profit agencies.

Cotswold proudly meets all environmental legislation standards in their operations and sets targets for its manufacturing units to meet the company’s own Environmental Policies. And since they know the importance of being truly sustainable, they ensure their suppliers follow equally rigorous standards through audits and surveys.

Cotswold’s alliance with the U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol ensures that the cotton fiber used is sustainably grown and has a lower environmental and social impact. They take every step possible to guarantee that the fabrics they produce to protect America’s front-line workers—especially in the medical health field—are of the highest quality and provide the best protection available.

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The U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol – the sustainable answer for the manufacturing industry

In response to the growing demand for supply chain transparency and social responsibility, the U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol works with Cotswold Industries and other partners to provide brands, retailers, and the end-user with the assurance that the cotton fiber in their fabrics is sustainably grown.

This means lowering the impact on the environment and taking measures to support staff and the communities where they operate. The Trust Protocol sets continuous improvement benchmarks for sustainable growth in line with the 2025 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as promoting good soil practices, energy use efficiency, lowering greenhouse emissions, and positive water management.

The U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol guides member farmers, manufacturers, and supply chain stakeholders to reach their verifiable goals and ensure sustainable production. Over the past 35 years, through environmental stewardship efforts, U.S. cotton production has made dramatic improvements. Water waste decreased by 79 percent, and energy consumption dropped 54 percent, resulting in a 40 percent reduction in greenhouse emissions.

By continually promoting innovative precision agriculture practices and smart manufacturing techniques, plus implementing second- and third-party verification measures across the spectrum, the U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol strengthens the capacity and reputation of its valued members like Cotswold Industries.

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