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Cotton Incorporated: Half a Century of Pioneering the Commodity Space

2020 Marks the 50th Anniversary of Cotton Incorporated.

Funded by U.S. growers and importers of Upland cotton, Cotton Incorporated is the not-for-profit research and promotion company for cotton. Touching every link on the cotton supply chain, the company’s research and promotion are aimed at increasing the demand for and profitability of cotton. America’s cotton producers and importers fund the not-for-profit’s research into farm efficiencies, textile innovations, sustainability, and consumer and market research.

Back in 1970, cotton was the first commodity to be marketed directly to the consumer. And the marketing was helped along a few years later with the introduction of the Seal of Cotton trademark featuring a cotton boll at its center; a now-iconic indicator of products that contain cotton.

Here, J. Berrye Worsham, Cotton Incorporated President and CEO, shares with Edward Hertzman, President and Founder of Sourcing Journal, some lesser-known facts about Cotton Incorporated, how the company has blazed a trail in the industry and the vision for the future.