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Marketing Matters: Cotton Incorporated at 50

As the 50th anniversary of Cotton Incorporated draws to a close, the company looks back on how marketing has helped propel cotton sales and sentiment.

Over the decades, consumers have developed an emotional connection to cotton, and the well-known slogan “The Fabric of Our Lives®” has played a major role in building that relationship. Initially established to insulate the fiber from the growth in synthetics, the campaign has since become synonymous with—and a testament to—the attributes consumers love most about cotton.

For many, the Seal of Cotton™ is another trusted symbol. Cotton’s 2020 Seal of Cotton™ survey has shown that 8 out of 10 consumers are aware of the trademark, and 86 percent say it helps them make informed purchasing decisions. Further, 82 percent of consumers say a brand using the Seal of Cotton trademark cares more about quality than those that don’t.

Here, Kim Kitchings, Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketing at Cotton Incorporated, shares how Cotton Incorporated advertising has evolved over the years, why the Fabric of Our Lives® continues to resonate and more on consumers’ perceptions of cotton.