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Cotton Incorporated’s Major Milestone of Fiber Innovation

While cotton is a familiar staple in closets around the world, the fiber continues to take on new properties as growers strive to deliver properties that meet contemporary consumers’ lifestyles.

At the 50th anniversary for Cotton Incorporated, the company looks back on its achievements and ahead to future technologies that will allow cotton to exhibit even more performance capabilities.

“Cotton is 1,000-year-old fiber, but it’s a tremendously innovative fiber, and we have lots of different technologies that speak to what consumers are looking for,  and that allow brands and retailers to engineer value into their products,” said Mark Messura, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Marketing at Cotton Incorporated.

Cotton’s evolution stems largely from the active role Cotton Incorporated plays in the textile and apparel industries as a convener, educator and collaborator. The company has also taken a leadership role in future-facing technologies like 3D design that allow the industry to become more efficient and responsive.

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