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Celebrating 50 Years of Cotton Incorporated R&D

Cotton Incorporated was founded to stave off the competition at a time when the popularity of synthetics was on the upswing. And over the last 50 years, the company has worked tirelessly to ensure shoppers understand the value of cotton and the many ways it continues to evolve to address changing consumer needs.

Through research and development, Cotton Incorporated has helped develop treatments that make clothes easier to care for, more comfortable to work out in and longer lasting. In this way, cotton continues to keep up with consumers’ busy, active lives.

Additionally, the company continues to develop new ways to protect the environment across the fiber’s entire lifecycle from plant to post-consumer goods. These advancements allow cotton-rich brands to meet their sustainability goals and confidently message about their achievements to the end consumer.

Here, Mary Ankeny, Product Development & Implementation Operations at Cotton Incorporated, outlines her team’s current focus, how they’re collaborating with the industry and one of her most memorable innovation-related milestones.