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Cotton Incorporated’s New Ads Portray Today’s No-Slack Times

Cotton Incorporated is out with a new ad campaign positioning the fiber as the antidote to our times.

The campaign that launched on Monday “builds off the insight that these are uncomfortable times: Less sleep, more stress. Less cruise-control, more traffic.”

“What makes life’s uncomfortable moments more bearable? Why, cotton, of course,” the campaign states. “Cotton owns comfort…it makes you look good and feel good. So, during uncomfortable moments, cotton’s got you covered.”

It is, after all, the “Fabric of Our Lives,” the long-time slogan of Cotton Incorporated’s advertising and promotional materials noted in the ads. The spots are intentionally fast-paced to defend against and illustrate the consumer’s ever-shrinking attention span, a Cotton Incorporated spokesman noted.

The first commercial, Tatoo, which launches on TV and online Monday and can be seen on ABC during “American Idol,” portrays a “Disaster Date,” in which a woman grows increasingly uncomfortable when out with a guy who takes pride in his tattoos, all of which are dedicated to ex-girlfriends.

Three other spots are slated for digital release. They are: “Sketchy Situation,” in which a news anchor grows ill at ease while reporting on a Peeping Tom that looks surprisingly like him; “Meme,” where a woman’s embarrassing fall goes viral and sweeps the Internet, and “First Day Fail,” in which a series of workplace face-plants gets a woman’s first day on the job off to an awkward start.

Each spot closes with a voiceover reminding the viewer that while various things in life–dating, social media, work–can feel uncomfortable, people’s clothes don’t have to, the spokesman added.

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“This video campaign was developed based on the results of ethnographic and qualitative research, as well as insights and creative performance from previous Cotton video campaigns,” Jill Orsini, Cotton Incorporated’s director of advertising. “In the ‘Life is Uncomfortable’ series, we continue to promote cotton’s emotional and physical role in an increasingly uncomfortable world. We are, in essence, telling consumers: Cotton has your back. No matter what life throws your way, you’ll always be comfortable in cotton.”

The videos are all clickable and ultimately drive consumers to shop for cotton apparel on

Beyond television, the videos will run on media sites like Refinery29, PopSugar, Men’s Health and Women’s Health.

Cotton Incorporated is a research and promotional organization funded by U.S. cotton producers and importers of raw cotton and cotton textiles.