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How COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ Improved a Pakistani Mill’s Profitability

When seeking to grow a business’ bottom line, an outside perspective and a fresh pair of eyes can be invaluable for uncovering areas for potential progress.

This desire for external opportunity assessment is driving mills like Al Muqeet Textile (Pvt.) Ltd. in Pakistan to look to consultancy COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ for greater profitability, improved productivity and the latest techniques.

COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ has improved our efficiency, productivity, quality, maintenance and profitability,” said Ali Zaman, chief executive of Al Muqeet. “Plus, with U.S. cotton, you know what you will get and can plan much better. There are no surprises.”

Per Zaman, Al Muqeet, a COTTON USA™ licensed mill, plans to increase its usage of U.S. cotton to 95 percent based on its experience with COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™. Zaman said he was impressed with the technical knowledge of the COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ technical team and calls the cotton consultancy the “first of its kind.” It is designed so that mills and manufacturers can optimize the use of U.S. cotton with cutting-edge offerings to transform their businesses profitably.

Cotton Council International (CCI) launched this unique program to help mill partners get the best technical and financial value from U.S. cotton, which independent studies have consistently confirmed is the world’s best performing cotton. The innovative techniques in COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ could save mills 10 to 25 percent with this best-in-class consultancy program.

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CCI’s team of experts has created five business-building programs, providing unmatched expertise informed by work with over 1,500 mills in 50 countries:

  1. Mill Studies: controlled on-site testing by independent third-party companies to identify best practices in spinning cotton
  2. Technical Seminars: one-day sessions with advice on how to use and optimize U.S. cotton
  3. Mill Exchange Program: an executive-level tour of COTTON USA™ licensee signature mills to exchange ideas with key textile mill leaders from around the world
  4. 1:1 Mill Consults: personalized, virtual or in-person, in-depth mill examination and consultation
  5. COTTON USA Mill Mastery™ Course: course of study featuring a collection of advanced practices, covering everything from raw cotton to quality control

Al Muqeet took advantage of a COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ 1:1 Mill Consult, seeking continuous improvement of its mill, as well as a COTTON USA Mill Mastery™ course on profitability. Al Muqeet uses U.S. cotton for its contamination-free knitted fabrics for garments.

Customized to a mill’s unique needs, a 1:1 Mill Consult brings a mill expert right to your business for a three-step, in-depth mill examination.

The COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ team provides preliminary findings and solutions at the end of a one-day mill review and a report two weeks later. Next, the CCI technical team conducts a field service visit to address those areas of improvement, followed by more detailed results, recommended practices and next steps up to two weeks later. Finally, the COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ team will conduct a six-month check-in to determine if the mill is getting its expected results and whether the measures are sustainable.

“It was an invaluable experience, and our team has learned a lot from the COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ visit,” Zaman said. “There were many suggestions that have been advised to our team, and we have already started to implement some of them. This consultancy service by CCI is a great advantage for us, and as a result, we have already started purchasing U.S. cotton for next year.”

Mills in Turkey, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Taiwan ROC, Mexico and El Salvador have also experienced how COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ can boost their businesses.

To access the experience of the world’s leading cotton technical team, with decades of knowledge in ring and open cotton spinning methods, visit and contact a COTTON USA™ representative near you. COTTON USA SOLUTIONS™ programs are complimentary for COTTON USA™ licensees with a U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® membership.