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DyStar Adds Two Shades to Levafix Eco Range

Textile and leather colorant supplier DyStar Group is foraying further into the green.

On Friday, the company announced it was expanding its Levafix Eco range of cellulose dyes, which debuted back in April, with the addition of two new colors: navy and forest.

Free from p-chloroaniline (p-CA) and other regulated amines found in many commodity reactive dyes, the new shades comply with all relevant restricted substances lists as well as the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

DyStar described the first as “a neutral navy offering the best color constancy in different light sources” that achieves superior wet and light fastness compared to conventional reactive navy dyes. The company also said it offers “excellent results” in the Adidas wash fastness test at 40 degrees Celsius.

Forest, Dystar noted, is a “blueish dark-green shade that is a good option for shading reactive blacks” that has a “high color yield, a strong build-up and shows better technical performance compared to dark greens that are based on conventional reactive blacks.”

In addition, forest’s color holds up better than other dark greens when it comes into contact with chlorinated water or multiple oxidative washes.

“These excellent oxidative wash and light fastness properties lead to a more sustainable textile end-product due to better retention of the original shade,” the company said. “With this novelty, DyStar provides additional innovation to the textile industry to achieve best quality with minimal environmental impact.”

Earlier this year when DyStar released the results of its 2014 sustainability report, CEO Eric Hopmann said, “[The] increasing number of regulations worldwide in chemicals, dyes and textile industries has leveraged our sustainability vision to improve our own production processes, develop innovative products and services and promote sustainable practices along the entire textile value chain.”