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English Fine Cottons Will Become Britain’s Sole Cotton Spinner

English Fine Cottons is bringing cotton yarn production back home to the U.K.

The company announced Thursday that new equipment installation at its Grade II listed Tower Mill, near Manchester. It’s also preparing its first high-quality cotton batch for test production, which will start in July.

When all construction and testing are complete, English Fine Cottons will be the only cotton spinner in Britain and the only European plant to produce superfine luxury cotton yarn from start to finish with cutting edge technology.

“There is a strong demand across the world for luxury goods with the ‘Made in Britain’ stamp, and our ‘raison d’etre’ is to produce the very finest luxury cotton yarn for U.K. designers and discerning garment manufacturers,” said general manager Andy Ogden. “To do so, we are creating a world-class facility that will enable us to deliver superior quality, efficiency and the highest process repeatability.”

English Fine Cottons is investing six million pounds (nearly $8 million) into the new project. Supima containers from California have arrived at the Tower Mill already. This type of fine raw cotton along with many others will be sourced globally by the company.

Construction of the advanced spinning equipment is also almost completed. The new 150 foot-long compact ring spinning machines take up the whole third floor of the Tower Mill. To accommodate this venture, the facility has undergone extensive repair and renovations.

Tower Mill’s new machines will allow English Fine Cottons to produce more than 400 tonnes of fined combed cotton yarn yearly. In addition to new machines and fine raw cotton, the company plans to add more spinning frames next year. English Fine Cotton’s goal is to up production to 1,000 tonnes by the beginning of 2018.

Ogden also spoke about how in light of Britain’s industrial revolution and other previous historic milestones, English Fine Cottons will continue fostering the fine cotton industry by bringing the best fabrics to customers everywhere.

“Our priority is to give our customers an end-to-end service, by providing the best cotton yarns available and working with them throughout the supply chains, to deliver fabrics of the highest calibre that are steeped in history and provenance,” he said.

A Tour of Tower Mill from English Fine Cottons on Vimeo.