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Eurojersey and Lycra Spotlight Sensitive Fabrics for Activewear

As part of their longstanding partnership to develop high-performance technical fabrics for activewear, the Lycra Company and Eurojersey are launching a global co-marketing campaign called “Stretch Your eMotion.”

The campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of Sensitive Fabrics with Lycra Sport technology for activewear. The “Stretch Your eMotion” co-marketing activity includes a variety of merchandising and communication tools that promote the Eurojersey Sensitive Fabrics with Lycra Sport technology collection.

Among the campaign’s elements are co-branded digital and print sales brochures, advertorials in European and international trade publications, a “Stretch Your eMotion” custom video and a dedicated newsletter to be distributed to Eurojersey’s 3,700-member worldwide customer database.

Sensitive Fabrics works in harmony with the body during any level of work out. The silhouette-sculpting fabrics are light, shape retaining, quick-drying and breathable, while also offering active men and women calibrated compression and adequate support where needed.

Thanks to Lycra Sport PCE certification, Sensitive Fabrics come with a detailed identity card detailing their properties and helping manufacturers and brands to identify the most suitable fabric for any given sports garment.

The Lycra Sport platform combines the proven stretch technology of Lycra fiber with demanding testing standards that measure fabric performance, while also helping to assess comfort in wear.

PCE-certified fabrics are rigorously tested and documented by fabric scientists to show precisely how they will perform across three indexes–power, comfort and energy. The power index measures the performance–compression force exerted on limbs–delivered by the fabric. The comfort index measures the fabric’s ability to move without feeling it, or the “second skin” effect, and the energy index measures the energy lost when moving the garment.

Indexes are provided for fabric length and width to provide a complete picture of the material’s stretch and recovery properties.

Eurojersey has its headquarters, with its production plant and management center in Caronno Pertusella, Italy, near Milan.