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Frontier Yarns: Leading the World in Sustainable Cotton Yarn Manufacturing

As one of the world’s largest producers of 100 percent cotton and polyester/cotton-blend yarns, Frontier Yarns takes its responsibility to protect the environment seriously.

Not only does Frontier strive to be an industry leader for product quality and commitment to customer service, but it also delivers the assurance that the fibers in their yarns are derived from sustainably grown cotton. Frontier’s yarns are used to produce high-quality garments, industrial and medical textiles, bedding and other types of fabrics.

Frontier has perfected the yarn spinning process by applying state-of-the-art automated technology and innovation to every phase of the yarn manufacturing process. Its numerous facilities are equipped with the latest generation of spinning systems that produce an average of 2,800 metric tons per week.

Frontier Yarns values its employees and their families and takes measures to support the communities where they operate. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing plants employ over 1,100 people in multiple North Carolina locations.

In addition to their commitments to social wellbeing, Frontier Yarns takes measures to reduce the environmental impact and landfill usage of the manufacturing process by collecting and recycling plastic bale wrap and metal strapping ties. They also implement water reclamation measures from their cooling towers to minimize their water and sewer usage.

By joining the U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol, Frontier Yarns can assure its clients that—as one of the largest producers of cotton spun yarns—they are helping to set global standards for sustainably grown and manufactured cotton.

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol – guaranteeing supply chain transparency from farm to garments

As a participant in the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, mills and manufacturers can get the critical assurances they need to prove to their customers that U.S. cotton fiber they source and sell is more sustainably grown with lower environmental and social risk.

The U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol, is wholly aligned with the targets defined by the 2025 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They verify that the cotton grown by their members is sustainably grown through rigorous data collection and independent third-party verification.

Frontier Yarns benefits from the U. S. Cotton Trust Protocol because it gives their clients and buyers the assurance they need that the U.S. cotton used in their yarns and blends is ethically and sustainably grown.

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