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Fuze Biotech Expands to Meet Growing Antibacterial Solutions Demand

Demand for sustainable fabrics continues to grow, with researchers predicting the market to reach $69.5 billion by 2030. With that comes demand for environmentally friendly finishes that are PFAS-free but still offer benefits like wrinkle resistance and flame retardence. In response to this demand, Fuze Biotech is expanding its headquarters.

“As brand increasingly look for sustainable, high-performance solutions, we are scaling up production to meet growing demand,” said Andrew Peterson, chief technology officer of Fuze, which offers permanent, chemical-free antibacterial technology. “Our new facility is state of the art and will help us better serve our expanding roster of sustainability-focused partner brands in North America and abroad.”

The new 66,000-square-foot flagship and production facility in Salt Lake City will allow the biotech company to produce 10 times as much of its antibacterial solution—which is applied in small doses to textiles during a patented embedding process either at the factory or by the consumer—that prevents and protects against pathogens. Fuze and its partner Evoq have significantly expanded the production facilities and, more importantly, increased medical research laboratories.

“We are hiring and will continue to do so domestically and abroad,” Peterson said. “Fuze is unique; we look for exceptional people that are willing to get a new ‘on the job’ degree in our technology and its implementation around the globe.”

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Fuze leverages the natural antibacterial properties of gold particles to create a permanent treatment that fights odors, quickens evaporation and protects against UVA and UVB radiation. It can be used in various markets from footwear and apparel to bedding and hospitality to keep fabrics and surfaces free from mold and bacteria without using chemicals as binders. Unlike other antimicrobial treatments that can wash away, Fuze technology has been proven to remain more than 99 percent effective on textiles for more than 100 washes as it improves with washing when dirt and softeners are removed and allows for bacteria to come into contact with the water-based solution faster.

Last September, Fuze partnered with ethically sourced down supplier Allied Feather + Down on Expedry. This chemical-free solution reduces dry times while minimizing performance issues in wet weather via non-ionic, gold nanoparticles permanently bonded to the down cluster.

“We are implementing it on upcoming product launches from premier brands like Artilect, Mountain Hardware [and] Jack Wolfksin,” Peterson said of Expedry. “We also offer a product line with worldwide cycling brand Shimano on a shoe line and dozens of active apparel companies.”

Similar to Fuze’s technology, Noble Biomaterials’ Ionic + Botanical antimicrobial solution inhibits the growth of odor-causing microbes on fabric and other surfaces. Last March, it received the stamp of approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).