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HeiQ Rolls Out Fabric Lab for Functional Fabric Development

Performance textile specialist HeiQ has launched the HeiQ Fabric Lab, a new service to assist brands with fabric innovation.

The Fabric Lab is intended to help brands turn their product concepts into reality. The company said its expertise in fiber, yarn, fabric solutions and chemical technology needed to create innovative materials and apparel will be focused in the HeiQ Fabric Lab to support brands in developing future functional fabric.

In addition, HeiQ Fabric Lab offers services such as fabric trend research, product marketing, materials education seminars for employees, supplier selection and technical knowledge, as well as material testing and finalizing fabric agreements.

“We are here to assist brands every step of the way until the perfect product has been developed,” said Regina Goller, director of fabric management at HeiQ Materials AG. “With over 25 years of experience working inside and with major sports apparel brands, from concepts to final products, we are highly knowledgeable in functional materials from base layers to outerwear.”

Heiq’s new lab has the capability to perform numerous tests to evaluate the high performance of its technologies. These include water repellency, evaporation and wicking, odor control, friction protection and Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF).

The company’s regulatory affair services include access to its portfolio of regulatory approvals and quality labels, assessment of regulatory requirements during project planning and application development, regulatory review of marketing claims and support for regulatory reviews with agencies.

HeiQ works with 300 sourcing partners and 50 technology partners in product development and implementation. The company’s Heiq IT is an online product configuration platform that allows fabric managers to put together customized fabrics with HeiQ technologies.

Based in Zurich, Switzerand, HeiQ also has representation in Australia, Hong Kong and the U.S.