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Responsive Infrared Textiles Boost Wellness, Performance with Recycled Body Heat

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it just changes form. That scientific absolute is the backbone of infrared textiles, a type of bio-responsive textile which recycles the user’s escaping body heat back into infrared energy that can then be used improve function or performance.

As consumers are constantly seeking new ways to reduce stress, sleep better, rejuvenate and boost mental and physical health, this versatile ingredient technology offers brands across various categories a unique point of differentiation.

Materials science firm Hologenix has perfected this science with a patented technology called CELLIANT, broadly applying it to wellness, athletics, fashion, home and more. The CELLIANT-powered formula embeds natural, bioceramic minerals into yarn or prints them on fabric. By increasing the body’s local circulation and cell oxygenation, CELLIANT operates on three pillars—stronger performance, faster recovery and better sleep.

The science-backed benefits are numerous, tested and proven through nine published, peer-reviewed studies. “It’s really about optimizing your body’s natural processes, so you operate more efficiently and as a result, have more energy,” said Seth Casden, CEO. “If you’re an athlete and you have sore muscles from working out, it’s going to help you recover faster. CELLIANT thermoregulates while you are exercising, at rest, or sleeping. Whether you run hot or cold, CELLIANT helps keep you at a more comfortable temperature.”

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Celliant how it works

Understanding infrared technology

Despite its name, infrared light is actually invisible to the eye.

Another misconception is that infrared radiation is associated with heat, but instead, it is energy that has the power to generate heat. The public might know infrared technology from infrared saunas, hot yoga or the infrared light face mask, but there is more traction to be gained when it comes to textiles, notes the company.

Infrared technology can be used to draw heat away from your body, which is how the thermoregulation process works.

The body naturally emits 60 percent of its heat (about 100 watts) every second, which can power 5 compact fluorescent lamp – CFL bulbs. Textiles with CELLIANT embedded into the fabric absorb the body’s energy and convert it to infrared energy. This infrared energy is then reflected back to the body, where it goes through layers of fabric and gets reabsorbed into the skin and tissue, thus boosting tissue oxygen levels. Such vasodilation (widening of capillaries) improves circulation, increases energy, speeds up recovery time and more.

From performance to wellness

One of the benefits of the infrared technology is its range of applications, and the product is used by a varied assortment of brands and products that warm up consumers when they are cool; cool down consumers when they are hot; and energize and comfort consumers in both conditions.

Beyond fashion apparel, one can find CELLIANT infused into crib mattresses, sleepwear and apparel from Lunya or Calvin Klein, performance and athletic wear from Under Armour, wetsuits from Xcel, uniforms for the military and Navy SEALS; and can be found in retailers from Bed Bath & Beyond to Macy’s. Other applications include footwear, insoles, mattresses, bedding, furniture upholstery, transportation seating, swimwear, uniforms & scrubs and more. The FDA has determined that CELLIANT products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and classified them as general wellness products.

CELLIANT® can be embedded into polyester, recycled polyester, sustainable viscose and nylon. CELLIANT comes in a variety of mediums, including staple fiber, spun yarn, filament yarn, fabric, non-woven, print/coating and insulation. Hologenix has an international ecosystem of premiere authorized mill partners, and provides solutions that can suit any brand’s development needs.

CELLIANT® Viscose, in collaboration with Kelheim Fibers, the world leaders in specialty viscose fibers, has been incredibly popular. This is due to its continual and elevating sustainability initiatives. Nature-based CELLIANT Viscose has its origin in sustainably managed sources. Kelheim Fibers was awarded a dark green/green shirt in Canopy’s 2021 Hot Button Report, indicating a leadership role in raw material sourcing and overall sustainability.

While the bedding industry and apparel tend to be our most popular applications, emerging applications include loungewear, beauty, femcare and agriculture.

The technology also has a slew of awards under its belt, including: ISPO 2023/24 Textrends Top Ten for pure white CELLIANT®; ISPO 2022/23 Textrends Selection for CELLIANT® Viscose; and INC. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for a total of 4 years, including the last 3 consecutive years. Additionally, pure white CELLIANT® has been named a finalist in the Sustainable Textile Innovation category of the 2022 Drapers Sustainable Fashion Awards.

To learn more about CELLIANT® and its applications, click here.