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Huntsman Textile Effects Develops Fiber Whitener

Chemicals and dyes innovator, Huntsman Textile Effects introduced a fluorescent whitening agent that will help textile mills achieve brilliant white shades on cellulosic fibers.

Hunstman said the UVITEX BHA LIQ. high-affinity stilbene whitener has unparalleled acid stability and acid fastness. The whitener also offers zero risk of greening-off and protection against phenolic yellowing during storage and shipment.

The new agent was made to help mills meet brands’ high white standards for towels, knitted apparel, T-shirts and underwear, along with any other garments made from cellulosic fibers.

According to Huntsman, achieving the perfect white on these fabrics can be difficult when finishing effects like softening, bio-polishing and resin finishing are required, which can cause fibers to take on a green tinge.

The whitener’s high acid stability of between pH 4 and pH 5 and acid fastness of pH 4, protect against discoloration. It also offers very high bath exhaustion and low wastewater pollution.

UVITEX BHA LIQ. is included on the Huntsman Positive List for ZDHC allowing it to be used to produce textiles for companies that take part in the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Joint Roadmap.

Global marketing manager at Huntsman, Lee Howarth said, “UVITEX BHA LIQ. represents a unique solution to the challenges of producing consistent and stable very high and brilliant white cellulosic fibers. Huntsman Textile Effects continues to listen to mills and to create innovate ways for them to improve their products and production efficiency, operate more sustainably and satisfy the demands of the world’s best brands and retailers.”