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Huntsman Textile Effects Introduces High IQ Lasting Black Eco Dye

Huntsman Textile Effects has extended its High IQ brand-assurance program with the launch of High IQ Lasting Black eco.

Based on Huntsman’s Avitera SE Black reactive dye, the new color-retention program will help mills, brands and retailers meet global demand for eco-friendly black shades that retain their intense color even after repeated washing. Black shades, a top choice for many designers and consumers for its visual and timeless appeal, can often fade over time, so fiber companies have developed dyes and finishes to retain the color intensity.

Huntsman Textile Effects said Avitera Black SE dye promotes economic and environmental sustainability by reducing water and energy consumption by up to 50 percent over conventional dyes. The strong washing-off performance of Avitera SE Black dye also shortens processing time and increases productivity.

Garments produced under the High IQ Lasting Black eco program are suitable for home laundering using European Union and U.S. washing machines and carry a reduced risk of color staining other garments during washing.

Additional key benefits of High IQ Lasting Black eco include longer-lasting performance, so garments look newer for longer, while allowing mills to produce fabrics and garments free from p-chloroaniline (PCA).

“With High IQ Lasting Black eco, Huntsman Textile Effects continues to lead the industry in providing sustainable dyeing solutions for eco-friendly black shades that deliver excellent value through color performance,” Jay Naidu, vice president of strategic marketing and planning at Huntsman Textile Effects, said.

All products in the High IQ quality assurance program are Bluesign approved and suitable for Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified textile products.

Huntsman Textile Effects, a unit of Huntsman Corp., is a global provider of high-quality dyes, chemicals and digital inks to the textile and related industries. It has operations in more than 90 countries and seven primary manufacturing facilities in six countries–China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand.

The company employs cutting-edge technology to develop solutions and create innovative products with intelligent effects such as durable water repellents, color fastness, sun protection and state-of-the-art dyes that reduce water and energy consumption.