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Hyosung’s Creora ActiFit Performance Fiber Targets Endurance Sports

Meant to help brands construct apparel for endurance sports enthusiasts, spandex manufacturer Hyosung has developed high-performance Creora ActiFit spandex.

The South Korean fiber giant said with the popularity of outdoor endurance sports on the rise, Creora ActiFit answers the call for long-lasting durability, offering UV and chlorine resistance, and superior recovery required of apparel for such activities as cycling, swimming, triathlon and adventure racing. Athletes involved in these endeavors often encounter challenging environmental surroundings such as salt water, intense sun or a rocky crag that can degrade clothing and reduce its performance capabilities.

“The last thing an endurance athlete or outdoor enthusiast wants to worry about is if their gear is going to hold up in a race or even over time,” Mike Simko, Hyosung global marketing director for textiles, said. “Multi-sport apparel made with Creora ActiFit spandex will give athletes the confidence they need to focus on their sport and not be bothered by what they are wearing.”

The company will launch Creora Actifit at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver set for June 18-20. At Outdoor Retailer, Hyosung will also feature a collection of multi-functional, sustainable fabrics and apparel under its in-house Fashion Design Center’s 2020 Megatrends “Connected, beyond” platform, with a presentation dubbed “Protect the Body and ECO-nomy.”

Protect the Body is a stance where apparel is not just an outfit but must also function to protect against environmental conditions people might encounter. With fashion and function the intention, outdoor brands are designing fashionable outerwear that adds performance to daily wear and even luxury apparel.

In addition to Creora ActiFit, highlighted materials within Protect the Body include Mipan aqua X nylon and Askin polyester, which combine instant and sustained cooling with superior coverage; Aerolight lightweight polyester with wicking characteristics; Mipan Aeroheat and Aeroheat Extreme heat-generating nylon and polyester, and Creora Fresh spandex, which helps neutralize causes of body odor for a fresh and comfortable feel.

Featured materials within ECO-nomy, which is focused on creating a circular textile supply chain, is Mipan Regen 100 percent pre-consumer recycled nylon, which reduces energy consumption; Regen 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester that conserves petroleum resources; energy-saving Creora eco-soft for low heat settable and soft hand elastane, and water-saving Creora Black dope-dyed black spandex.