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IWTO to Promote Greater Transparency Along Wool Supply Chain

With supply chain transparency becoming an increasingly key provision for brands and retailers to share with ever-savvy consumers, the International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO) is proving a platform for wool sector stakeholders to discuss ways to promote greater transparency.

The IWTO will host a Wool Retail Forum in partnership with The Woolmark Company and China Wool Textile Association on May 19 and 20 during the 84th IWTO Congress in Zhangjiagang, China to provide a forum for the discussion.

Centered around the theme, “Provenance and Performance,” the Wool Retail Forum will review wool’s role in modern retail, examining quality assurance through provenance, and look at wool’s performance in outdoor and sportswear categories and trends in the Chinese luxury and consumer markets.

IWTO said its goal in bringing together representatives from each stage of the wool pipeline, is to promote a better understanding of the wool supply chain and to provide opportunities for closer collaborations.

“The Wool Retail Forum is an opportunity for retailers, who are looking for ways to strengthen transparency and authenticity, to exchange ideas directly with downstream suppliers,” said IWTO secretary general Elisabeth van Delden. “It has been the nature of our industry that, generally speaking, the different actors within the supply chain don’t get the opportunity to talk to each other. The Wool Retail Forum recognizes that as an industry we must work more closely together in order to meet consumer expectations about origins, accountability, and value.”

Retailers and brands can register to attend the Wool Retail Forum for free, and will also be invited to attend Congress sessions on sustainability, industry innovations and the Campaign for Wool.