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JBS Couros Rolls Out New EVO High-Performance Leather

JBS Couros is introducing EVO–a technology that affords greater resistance and durability to leather products–to the global market.

EVO technology functions with a high-performance concept product range designed to better resist the day-to-day stress of upholstery when compared to other products. The finish can be applied to sofas, chairs, armchairs and all types of upholstery in the aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented categories.

In addition, the aim of the new collection is to combine the advantages and benefits of kind leather, which brings together traceability and clean production by using the most desirable parts of surface area to produce leather. With this approach the remaining sections are employed as raw materials in other major industries such as beauty and pharmaceuticals, minimizing waste generation.

“The EVO range has double the resistance in relation to regular leather,” Guilherme Motta, president of JBS Couros, said. “Moreover, it does not exhibit the hard, plasticized aspect of similar products on the market. This is a unique solution based on a highly complex international technical standard, testing having been carried out using capillary products, food, beverages and even urine. We believe the material will be a highly successful differential and widely accepted on the market.”

The new EVO range include Titana, made from carefully selected raw materials for added depth, natural appearance and semi-opaque shine; Urano, featuring a semi-matt shine, solid color and natural silky touch, and Atlanta, consisting of the best selection of hides to create a fine, delicate and uniform covering. There’s also Chrono, which is a Nappa-type leather whose main characteristics are uniformity and silky touch ideal for modern furniture with straight lines.

JBS Couros is among the world’s largest leather processors, with 20 production units, three cutting units, five distribution centers, three showrooms and four sales offices on four continents. The company produces wet blue, semi-finished and finished leather for the automotive, furniture, footwear and artifacts sectors.