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Keer America Delivers Superb US Quality Yarns and Customer Service

Today, Keer America’s manufacturing plants are capable of producing 1,000,000 pounds of 100 percent U.S. cotton yarn per week, including KPOE, Combed and Carded Ring-Spun and Amsler yarns. They also plan to add two new independent production facilities on their 165-acre property in Indian Land, South Carolina. Facilities that ill create at least 500 American jobs. Keer America entered the U.S. textile industry market in 2013. In 2015, they began their first Open End production of high-quality yarns using 100 percent U.S. cotton. Soon after, in 2018, Keer America expanded productions and launched a new state-of-the-art ring spinning operation.

By joining the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, Keer America can showcase the sustainability credentials of the U.S. cotton they source. And because they use only the best U.S.-grown cotton fiber and the most advanced spinning equipment in the industry, they have the capacity to produce a wide variety of pure cotton yarns for a diverse and demanding market.

Keer America appreciates their role in the cotton yarn supply chain. Their commitment to providing professional customer and technical service, combined with sustainably sourced U.S.-grown cotton, ensures they have long-lasting relationships with knitting and weaving manufacturers throughout the U.S. and Central America.

U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, an industry-wide promoter of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Mills and manufacturers like Keer America gain access to U.S. cotton that is sustainably grown and certified through the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol’s Fieldprint Measurement Analysis and Control Union Certifications.

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The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol members also work with participating growers to implement sustainability measures that are in line with seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

These goals promote the continuous improvement of key elements in the field-to-market supply chain, including sustainable land use, soil health, positive water practices, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, and promoting energy efficiency. Through their Trackable Equivalency Program, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol enables full transparency throughout the supply chain.

Mills and manufacturers can also use U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol’s metrics in their sustainability reporting, Environmental, Social, and Governance audits, and GRI reporting. Through the support and guidance provided by U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, cotton growers, mills, and manufacturers can ensure a sustainable future for the planet.

Likewise, brands and manufacturers can use the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol to access supply chain mills like Keer America and give their customers the assurance they need that the cotton yarn in their clothes, fabrics, and textiles is sustainably sourced and manufactured.

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