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Kornit Digital Unveils Next-Gen Tech for On-Demand Textile Print Production

Kornit Digital, a market leader in digital textile printing technology, has unveiled its new Max technology, breaking new ground in on-demand production of retail-quality results and versatility through new print applications.

Kornit said Max technology surpasses industry norms for print results to deliver high quality on multiple fabric types. A key feature of Kornit’s Max technology is XDi, which delivers 3D capabilities for high-density graphic decoration that can simulate embroidery and vinyl heat transfer in a single, waste-free process. This patent-pending technology allows fulfillers and brands to expand their offerings without the inefficiencies and cost of operating analog technologies.

The first iteration of Max technology is now commercially available in the Kornit Atlas Max, a carbon-neutral, industrial-scale direct-to-garment (DTG) production system, providing strong color-matching capabilities and a vivid and durable color range. The Atlas MAX is delivered with the new XDi technology built in, for 3D printing capabilities. An upgrade to the installed base of Kornit Atlas systems will be available during the first quarter of 2022.

Kornit Digital unveiled Max technology, breaking new ground in on-demand textile printing production applications.
Kornit Atlas Max Courtesy

Kornit also launched ActiveLoad Automation technology, a new robotic system to significantly ease the task of manual and labor-intensive media handling in the textile decoration industry. This increases total output per shift while ensuring minimal downtime and exceptional reliability.

“Kornit’s new MAX capabilities bring sustainable on-demand production to the mainstream,” Omer Kulka, Kornit Digital’s chief merchandising officer, said. “We plan to roll out the Max technology to additional market segments such as sport apparel, fashion and home décor applications. Kornit innovation arrives at just the right moment to match supply to demand–demand that requires freedom of design for self-expression, quality and sustainable practices, and supply that expands on-demand capabilities enabling the direct-to-consumer vision.”

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Ronen Samuel, Kornit Digital’s CEO, said there’s a growing realization and acceptance that on-demand production is the answer to meet the demands of today’s consumer.

“Max offers a rare sustainable symbiosis, more creativity, less waste,” Samuel said.

Kornit Digital develops, manufactures and markets industrial digital printing technologies for the apparel and textile industries. Kornit delivers complete solutions, including digital printing systems, inks, consumables, software and after-sales support. Leading the digital direct-to-garment printing market with its exclusive eco-friendly NeoPigment printing process, Kornit caters directly to the changing needs of the textile printing value chain. Kornit Digital is a global company, headquartered in Israel with offices in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific, and serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.