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Lenzing Collaborates With David Parkes on Heritage Outdoor Collection

Outerwear fabric innovator David Parkes, founder of Concept III, has partnered with Lenzing Fibers to create an assortment of specialty fabrics that showcase the inherent performance, superior hand, and sustainability of Tencel Lyocell.

The Tree Climate Collection, which will bow at the Functional Fabric Fair in Portland, Ore., next week, relies on the heritage of the outdoor industry for inspiration. Appropriately, the collection features flannel and chamois, as well as retro “reverse weave” sweatshirt fabric.

A curly sherpa and a flat-back rib are also be featured in jerseys and sweater knits. Textured wovens and a classic raymar cloth round out the specially constructed performance fabrics made with Tencel Lyocell and other select fibers.

“The collection combines the success of iconic outdoor textiles with the introduction of the many qualities of Tencel Lyocell–hand, moisture management, enhanced dyeability, outstanding drape–and a more sustainable apparel option,” Parkes said.

Parkes believes the outdoor consumer will respond well to the improved sustainability profile that Tencel Lyocell fibers bring to apparel. Tencel Lyocell fibers are derived from sustainably sourced raw material wood and are produced in a closed-loop, resource-efficient production process.

In addition, the Tree Climate collection consists of styles with Tencel x Refibra fibers that are made using one about one-third of pulp from cotton scraps taken from garment production and mixed with the Tencel Lyocell wood pulp to create what Lenzing feels is one of the most sustainable fibers on the market.

Tencel lyocell fibers can be found in many innovative fabrics that span denim to ready-to-wear to home textiles. Tree Climate is the first major outdoor collection to feature these fibers of botanic origin.

“We have enjoyed working with David Parkes to highlight Tencel brand’s many features with these special fabrics and garments that are perfectly designed for the outdoor category,” Sharon Perez, business development manager for activewear at Lenzing, said. “David’s celebrated creativity and passion for sustainability are evident in Tree Climate and these beautiful fabrics containing Tencel Lyocell fibers will be much appreciated by brands, retailers and consumers.”

Parkes and Lenzing are working with several mills to design and produce the Tree Climate fabrics. Mills include Beverly Knits and Brookwood Mills in North America, as well as mill partners in Asia. The Tree Climate garments were designed by Christie Orlando.