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Lenzing Combats Counterfeits With Red Points

Lenzing Group, a global producer of wood-based specialty fibers, on Wednesday announced a partnership with Red Points, a specialist in online IP infringement detection and removal, to strengthen Lenzing’s existing brand protection efforts globally and enable round-the-clock brand monitoring services.

As Lenzing’s textile brands Tencel, Lenzing and Ecovero as well as nonwovens brand Veocel continue to generate widespread demand from industry partners and customers worldwide, the company said it is becoming increasingly important to protect its trademarks and provide full visibility into the brands’ presence online.

“Brand protection has always been a top priority at Lenzing,” said Harold Weghorst, vice president of global marketing and branding at Lenzing AG. “The purpose is not only to avoid infringement and counterfeiting issues, but also to protect our supply chain and brand partners. Our ultimate aim is for end consumers to receive greater value for money in terms of sustainability. Our verification, certification and licensing efforts provide partners and consumers along the value chain confidence in the authenticity of Lenzing fibers in the finished products.”

Red Points provides a technology solution to help Lenzing monitor and remove unauthorized use of its trademarks and counterfeits online. The technology works by using artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically detect intellectual property infringements of Lenzing’ trademarks with high accuracy and efficiency.

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“We are delighted to partner with Lenzing and provide them with effective solutions to detect and remove online counterfeits at scale,” said Sergi Garcia, chief marketing officer of Red Points. “There is an increasing need for brand protection across all industries and having Lenzing on board shows us that consumers are looking for more transparency. At Red Points, our mission is to make all ecommerce channels–from global social media to NFT marketplaces– a safer place for brands and consumers.”

Brand protection is just one of Lenzing’s ongoing proactive measures aimed at enhancing transparency in the supply chain and protecting the interest of its partners by ensuring they are purchasing genuine Lenzing fibers that meet their high standards.

In 2018, Lenzing launched the Lenzing E-Branding Service, which allows Lenzing’s customers, retailers and brand partners to effectively use trademarks in their marketing materials. The platform has been welcomed by partners globally as it continues to deliver value to the fashion, textile and nonwoven sectors by facilitating the traceability of Lenzing’s fibers and enabling customers to promote them effectively.