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LifeLabs Launches Thermally Efficient Bedding Line

After launching what it calls the world’s warmest coat, textile lifestyle brand LifeLabs pivots to keeping people cool with its new CoolLife bedding and sleepwear lines.

Made with the company’s thermally transparent, polyethylene-based fabric, the CoolLife collection was designed to release almost 100 percent of an individual’s body heat, cooling the body temperature by 2 degrees Centigrade, or nearly 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Low-density polyethylene efficiently transfers body heat away from the skin, and LifeLabs said its patented yarn is 70 percent cooler to the touch than organic cotton.

Sleep experts agree staying cool plays a big role in quality sleep. According to Cleveland Clinic sleep psychologist Dr. Michelle Drerup, the optimal room temperature for sleep is 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature is thought to help facilitate the stability of REM sleep.

LifeLabs’ cooling bedding comes at a time when people in the U.S. need all the help they can get with sleep. According to a new survey from Gallup and Casper, a third of adults in the U.S.—approximately 84 million people—describe their sleep as fair or poor. More than half of the survey’s respondents identified temperature as a key factor in sleep. And a new survey from and Mattress Firm found that 86 percent of respondents said their sleep quality decreased during the pandemic.

In addition to the new bedding line, LifeLabs also expanded its sleepwear collection to include tank tops, shorts, and new shirt and pant styles in soft, cooling knit fabrics. With an instant cool-touch value (Qmax) of 0.21, the collection of 10 new silhouettes features a kimono-inspired women’s sleep shirt with minimal seams for maximum comfort along with a long-sleeved men’s sleep top that allows for more cooling coverage.

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Better sleep isn’t the only benefit LifeLabs aims to provide with this sleep line. The collection also was designed to help consumers reduce their environmental impact, as dropping the home thermostat by two degrees is estimated to save 400 pounds of carbon per household per year. The sheets also are made with recycled materials.

The company, which was founded by Stanford University scientist Dr. Yi Cui  to help consumers save energy related to heating and cooling, also launched its MegaWarm jacket in December. The coat uses the company’s thermally efficient WarmLife technology, which was developed to reflect human-generated radiant heat back to the wearer’s body.

“Our temperature-regulating fabrics have the power to prevent common sleep issues like night sweats and insomnia. Sleep can significantly affect human performance and wellbeing, so we wanted to create products that help facilitate optimal sleep with minimal environmental impact.” said Scott Mellin, LifeLabs CEO. “We’re also excited to go beyond the apparel market into home decor, which demonstrates how our technology can easily be incorporated into different aspects of everyday life, while executed with maximum product sustainability.”

LifeLabs CoolLife sheet sets are available in classic white and twin, full, queen and king sizes, ranging from $169 to $259. The new line of sleepwear separates for men and women ranges in price from $39 to $59.