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Lineapelle Outlines 5 Trends for Spring/Summer 2019 Leather Goods

Channeling global diversity and the melding of technology and nature were the two main themes behind the Spring/Summer 2019 trend presentation at the Lineapelle New York show Wednesday.

Chiara Fantig, a fashion analyst, gave the trend presentation created by the Lineapelle Fashion Committee headed by creative director Antonella Bertagnin.

The trend presentation was dubbed “Empathy,” which Fantig said shows a connection “between disparate elements.”

“Technology will continue, but blended with human senses,” Fantig said. “The season explores cleanliness and tactile emotions.”

Skin tone

The leading trend that carries through will be “In Your Skin,” which Fantig said plays to skin tones of all people that inhabit earth, from nearly pure white and pale whitish-gray hues to shades of beige and tan, and rich dark browns. In addition, eye and hair colors that incorporate blues, greens, grays and black will play a role.

“Colors tell never-ending stories, without geographical or cultural borders,” Fantig said. “Chromatic harmonies will be more interesting than color ranges.”

Tying this to leather, the trend includes checks and chevrons in these skin-like shades, wet looks through shine and shimmer, and translucent effects, as well as resins, tortoise shell and crystals that act as reflective materials.

Active luxury

This trend combines softness and elegance with flexible materials like opaque ruffles, three-dimensional, expandable leather and stretch materials mixed with satin and soft nylon for soft shoes.

Also in this category are rubbery, shiny technical materials mixed with leather, along with what Fantig called “double leather–split leather and leather combined with textiles,” in greens and greys. There will also be elements that use Swiss dots, embroidery, polka dots and jacquard prints with Napa leather.

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Here, the combining of forces come together with more botanical motifs and decorative fabrics blending exotic leathers like crocodile, goat hide and reptile skins, with bold colors and fresh shades of green.

Liquid fluidity also plays in this area, bringing in red, grey and black hues in shiny, glazed effect patent leathers, often in embossed, plus Lycra and other elastic materials to add to the fluidity. Bonded techniques and graphic elements, as well as patterns and micro motifs round out this trend.


“This trend is all about ethic motifs and tactile materials in rich shades and complex combinations,” Fantig said. “There’s a focus on decorated metallics, monochromatic silver, laminated materials and sliced leather.”

Motifs here include checks and stripes, trimmed in beading, ribbon and lace.


In the Stratification trend, according to Fantig, “The pleasure in stratifying processes to create rich and surprising effects continues, but new developments look to basics–high-performance and flexible basics that bring together nature and technology, perfect to be interpreted both by more fashion-forward products and by the most popular sports core.”

Key looks include denim and leather for casual sneakers, rubber and digital printing, transparent and gelatin-like effects, weaving in bold yellow and orange and an overall focus on mixing leather and textiles.