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From Leather to Lace, LVMH Puts Premium Materials Up for Resale

LVMH has introduced Nona Source, an online resale platform for “re-sourcing” quality materials from the company’s Fashion & Leather Goods division brands.

Designed by experts from LVMH via its DARE (Disrupt, Act, Risk to be an Entrepreneur) intrapreneurial program, Nona Source supports LVMH’s environmental strategy by rethinking sourcing and supporting the circular economy. Nona Source offers emerging creatives and brands in Europe access to high-quality fabrics and leathers at competitive prices to encourage creative re-use of materials.

Created by three experts from LVMH–Marie Falguera, Romain Brabo and Anne Prieur du Perray–Nona Source is a startup incubated by LVMH’s DARE intrapreneurial program to accelerate innovative solutions. With their expertise in materials sourcing and digital transformation, the trio designed a platform to re-use deadstocks–the “sleeping beauties” stored in the warehouses of exclusive LVMH Fashion & Leather Goods houses, which include Berluti, Celine, Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Givenchy, Kenzo, Loewe, Loro Piana, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs.

LVMH has introduced Nona Source, an online resale platform for “re-sourcing” quality materials from its Fashion & Leather Goods brands.
Looks from Nona Source. Courtesy

Developed with a sustainable vision, Nona Source favors local distribution. Since stocks are located in France, the platform will for the time being deliver within Europe, including the U.K. An all-digital experience, the Nona Source catalog offers a wide variety of prestigious materials, from lace to leathers in different compositions, weights, colors and patterns. Only exclusive patterns or branded fabrics are not available.

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All materials are carefully selected and re-valued at competitive prices. Product characteristics are presented in minute detail via high-quality visuals, videos to translate the touch and feel experience, plus displays on wooden mannequins for fall and drape visualization. Thanks to high-fidelity color data and a digital sensorial experience to best characterize these luxury materials, professionals can purchase rolls, skins or panels, depending on available quantities, without cutting or sampling.

Nona Source is a concrete solution to address the challenges and opportunities of circularity, a key pillar of LVMH’s environmental strategy articulated in the LIFE 360 program (LIFE: LVMH Initiatives For the Environment), the company said. The creative solution for more sustainable fashion derives its name from one of the three Parcae goddesses of Roman mythology. Nona, the youngest, spins the thread of life, Decima weaves it and Morta cuts it. Nona Source thus embodies the re-use of materials so that the thread is never cut, but on the contrary revitalized with fresh creativity, LVMH added.