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How Lycra’s New Adaptiv Fiber Advances Stretch Technology

The Lycra Company has introduced a breakthrough technology, Lycra Adaptiv fiber.

The fiber allows garments to have a better fit for various lifestyles, movements and different body types, according to the a provider innovative solutions for stretch and performance technologies for the apparel industry. Made from a revolutionary polymer, the patent-pending, adaptive fiber has a unique chemistry that allows it to adjust to a wearer’s functional needs in a hybrid manner, it added.

This means that when the wearer is at rest, the polymer adapts its compressive holding force to deliver the right fit, shape and control, and when the wearer is in motion, the polymer adapts its elasticity to deliver improved comfort in motion and a second-skin effect allowing the garment to stay in place better, Lycra. Garments made with fabrics containing Lycra Adaptiv fiber are durable and are also easier to put on and take off, the company claims.

“Consumers are seeking garments that offer greater versatility from work to leisure to social, and also from season to season and year to year,” Steve Stewart, chief brand and innovation officer at the Lycra Company, said. “They want garments that can adapt to their individual needs and lifestyle, as well as ones that can adapt to their unique body type, even when their body size or shape may change or fluctuate. Lycra Adaptiv fiber is the answer to satisfy all of these consumer needs.”

The Lycra Company, a specialist in innovative stretch and performance technologies for apparel, is introducing Lycra Adaptiv fiber.
An image from the Lycra Adaptiv fiber creative campaign. Courtesy

The Lycra Company conducted internal studies to assess wear performance by comparing fabrics and garments containing Lycra Adaptiv fiber versus the same fabrics and garments containing only generic spandex. Results showed several advantages in using Lycra Adaptiv fiber, including comfort-in-motion and second skin performance accompanied by shape retention and greater freedom of movement with a comfortable hold.

Size inclusivity is also a key benefit in that Lycra Adaptiv fiber promotes one-size-fits-more. The softer stretch within the wearing zone allows for a widened fit window that covers a broader range of body shapes within a given size. This makes the one-size-fits-more approach, and the potential reduction of SKUs, a practical possibility.

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Size inclusivity is not a buzzword–it is increasingly important to today’s consumers,” Deana Stankowski, strategic marketing director for active, intimates and swim at the Lycra Company, said. “Every consumer’s body is unique and they want clothes they feel were designed for them, clothes that increase their personal comfort, as well as their confidence level. Size alone is an inadequate indication of body type and body shape. Therefore, traditionally sized garments may not fit every consumer within that size. That’s what makes Lycra Adaptiv fiber so revolutionary. It allows garments made with this fiber to adapt to many body shapes within a size range.”

The company worked with DIP agency to develop a new Lycra sub-brand identity that communicates the “adaptive” nature of this new fiber. The global agency FCB was selected to develop the campaign “Lycra Adaptiv fiber Adapts to your world.” The campaign leverages computer-generated graphics to promote the adaptive nature of this groundbreaking spandex fiber innovation.

Lycra Adaptiv fiber will be launched in the Asia-Pacific region at the Lycra Company’s pavilion at Intertextile Shanghai taking place Oct. 9-11 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. Lycra Adaptiv fiber will also be launched in North America to the denim industry via exclusive, invite-only virtual meetings being held on Sept. 21-22.