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Lycra FreshFX With HeiQ Technology Headed to China

Textile technology innovation companies HeiQ and The Lycra Company are introducing the Lycra freshFX brand with HeiQ technology to the China market.

“Lycra freshFX brand with HeiQ technology is the first product resulting from a collaboration between The Lycra Company and HeiQ that we announced in July,” Steve Stewart, chief brand and innovation officer at the Lycra Company, said. “The goal of this partnership is to combine our strengths to bring more market-relevant, innovative and sustainable textile technologies to consumers more quickly.”

Garments made with Lycra freshFX brand with HeiQ technology offer consumers the Lycra fiber benefits of lasting comfort, fit and shape, combined with HeiQ’s freshness and hygiene textile technologies. From odor absorption, antimicrobial and antiviral to bio-based, mineral-based and silver-based technologies, HeiQ provides a comprehensive product range, now available with fabrics made with Lycra fiber.

Lycra freshFX brand with HeiQ technology can be used in activewear and athleisure apparel, as well as socks, underwear, wovens, personal protective equipment and non-apparel uses. The HeiQ finishes are applied directly to stretch fabrics made with Lycra fiber spandex. Lycra freshFX brand with HeiQ technology can be customized to exact consumer needs via antiviral, antimicrobial or anti-odor technology options.

Fabrics featuring the technology are tested to ensure they meet the relevant national Guobiao (GB) standards for China, as well as the established quality standards of the Lycra Company and HeiQ. Once certified, garments are eligible for identification at retail via physical or virtual hangtags.

The companies noted that products made with Lycra freshFX brand with HeiQ technology help consumers feel more comfortable even after extended use. Garments with these freshness and hygiene innovations also have the potential to be laundered less, which would reduce water and energy consumption.

“It has been exciting to team up with the Lycra Company to bring our combined technologies to the China market first,” Carlo Centonze, co-founder and CEO of HeiQ Group, said. “The new generation of Chinese consumers are much more tech-savvy and looking for more comfort and functionality in their everyday clothes. Lycra freshFX brand with HeiQ technology will deliver the functional benefits consumers desire today throughout a wide range of garment categories.”

HeiQ and the Lycra Company will be exhibiting at the upcoming Intertextile Shanghai fair on Oct. 9-11.