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Marchi & Fildi Expands With Recycled Poly Yarns

Textile firms are increasingly focused on manufacturing fibers, yarns and fabrics that answer the call of circularity.

Marchi & Fildi

With the goal of expanding its selection of yarns derived from recycled raw materials, Italian yarn spinner Marchi & Fildi Group has expanded the range of metalloplastic yarns in its Gleaming collection by adding 100 percent recycled polyester yarns from post-consumer material with Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification.

Starting from recycled polyester with traceable origin, in compliance with environmental and social criteria extending to all phases of the supply chain, metalloplastic yarns are obtained with the same aesthetic features and performance compared to similar products derived from virgin raw materials.

“Thanks to our commitment in the research of materials, we are able to propose metalloplastic yarns produced with 100 percent recycled material,” the company said. “The film used for the production of flat yarns, too, is in recycled polyester, with a quality level that is suitable for cutting…This represents an important step forward to implement a circular economy possibility for this kind of products too.”

The GRS-certified Gleaming yarns are available in gold and silver, colors and transparent, in various counts, widths and types. They are suitable for use in flat and circular knitting, weaving, hosiery and as a component in fancy yarns. The Gleaming line also includes a wide selection of yarns in stock service and are offered in metallisized, iridescent, refracting and phosphorescent effects.

The Gleaming metalloplastic yarns are applicable for fashion and furniture yarns and fabrics, accessories and decorations. Products with refractive features are also used in technical items like uniforms and workwear, sport garments and accessories, external ribbons and labels.

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Marchi & Fildi was established in Biella, Italy, in 2007 by combining the mills Filatura Marchi and Fildi, owned by the Marchi and Dissegna families. The company’s focus on sustainability starts with the selection of the raw materials and finishes with the Ecotec brand that features a patented production process to create new yarns by upcycling pre- and post-consumer cut-offs. The Filidea brand presents an assortment of natural, sustainable and certified yarns.


Meanwhile, sail cloth manufacturer Dimension-Polyant has introduced a new material for the production of bags and backpacks that the company said is completely climate neutral and contains recycled materials.

The RX line is the first product of the X-Pac Brand, which is verified by ClimatePartner to be climate neutral.

“We are very happy to hold the first 100 percent climate neutral product in our hands today and can already reveal that we have further measures in the works to protect our environment and that more products will follow soon,” Dimension-Polyant managing director Uwe Stein said. “We are working with our raw material suppliers to gradually increase the proportion of recycled and bio-based fibers without compromising on quality.”

X-Pac RX 3-layer laminates feature its distinguishable X-PLY fiber reinforcement technology for a three-layer construction that’s rugged, flexible and 100 percent waterproof. A lighter-weight polyester film backing provides a sleek, technical appearance.

“The outer layer is made from USA-sourced recycled PET to align with the domestic manufacture in our climate neutral facility in Putnam, [Conn.] USA, to help minimize our environmental impact,” Stein added.