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Mechanix Wear and Clim8 Shake Hands on Intelligent Heated Work Gloves

Mechanix Wear, a specialist in high-performance hand protection, has formed an official partnership with Clim8, a manufacturer of intelligent thermal technologies for wearables.

Through the new collaboration, Mechanix Wear becomes the exclusive workwear glove licensee of Clim8 in the U.S. for 2021 that will allow the company to launch the first stateside work glove with an intelligent, self-regulating and activating heating system tailored to each individual’s optimum comfort levels.

Clim8’s intelligent technology allows users to control their heating comfort through the Clim8 app, creating a thermal profile that automates the gloves to their ideal body temperature. The companies will release a limited-edition run of their first intelligent thermal gloves for industrial workers and brand loyalists. Following the limited run, Mechanix Wear and Clim8 will announce the product’s full availability later this year.

“Mechanix Wear is dedicated to working with partners who can take our best-in-class hand protection and further its performance and versatility to those on the front lines,” Michael Hale, CEO at Mechanix Wear, said. “This collaboration with Clim8 will allow us to incorporate unique and innovative thermo-technology to Mechanix Wear’s existing gloves while expanding our product offerings to best address cold weather conditions and environments.”

Clim8, based in France, provides the advanced heating technologies for optimal and personalized thermal comfort for wearables. Its science-proofed technologies use smart devices and sensors that are seamlessly woven into garments to create intelligent thermo-regulating experiences using advanced algorithms to automatically react and respond based on the user’s desired activity and comfort level.

Mechanix Wear work gloves with Clim8 thermal technology
Mechanix Wear work gloves with Clim8 thermal technology Courtesy

“Our thermo-regulation technology is designed to protect those that work or play in cold weather conditions,” Florian Miguet, CEO of Clim8, said. “Through our partnership with Mechanix Wear, we’re able to collaborate with a proven leader in hand protection and technology to develop safe and innovative products and ensure peak performance. Our launch with Mechanix Wear of the first ever workwear glove with intelligent, thermo-regulated technology is just the start in a series of advancements we’ll be sharing over time.”

Since the debut of the Original work glove at the 1991 Daytona 500, Mechanix Wear has built a reputation as a market leader in automotive, construction, industrial and tactical hand protection. Its mission is to look beyond conventional ideas and continually innovate the most advanced gloves for working hands.