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Microban’s DuraTech Antimicrobial Cotton Tech Skips Heavy Metals

Microban International has unveiled DuraTech by Microban, an antimicrobial additive with strong wash durability designed specifically for cotton applications.

The non-heavy-metal technology helps to prevent up to 99.99 percent of odor-causing bacteria growth after 75 home launderings, exceeding industry standards, according to the company. DuraTech also works to keep cotton fabrics fresher for longer by reducing odors up to 99 percent even after 75 home launderings.

This innovation is part of Microban’s continued commitment to being a sustainability solutions-focused company. DuraTech addresses the needs of brands and manufacturers for a more durable and sustainable solution free of heavy metals, the company noted.

DuraTech is also binder-free, non-ionic and fully water soluble. These features allow DuraTech to easily integrate into cotton fabrics during normal padding manufacturing processes, with no impact on the appearance or feel of the final cotton product, Microban said. DuraTech also works continuously to protect cotton products from the growth of harmful bacteria that can lead to unpleasant odors, stains and early product deterioration.

DuraTech will be available to cotton fabric manufacturers and brands in the U.S. and Asia, and will include Microban’s turnkey support services for branded partners. This novel technology is suitable for creating antimicrobial cotton products, such as sheets and towels for home textiles, hospitality and apparel.

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“As the global leader in the areas of antimicrobial, odor control, and surface modification solutions, Microban strives to deliver the most innovative solutions to our partners all around the world,” Michael Ruby, president of Microban International, said.

Ruby went on to describe DuraTech as a “technological breakthrough” “specifically targeted at cotton substrates which delivers unparalleled antimicrobial product protection and wash durability without relying on the use of heavy metals.”

“This technology will help leading brands deliver a better end consumer experience in the home, hospitality, and apparel sectors with a sustainability-focused solution from Microban,” he added.

Part of Barr Brands International (BBI), Microban International is home to the global brands in the antimicrobial, odor control and sanitization/disinfection markets–Microban and Ultra-Fresh–featured on thousands of products worldwide. The company is headquartered in North Carolina, with operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.