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Milliken’s Textile Business Debuts First-Ever Campaign

Milliken & Company first-ever brand campaign “Anything. Everywhere.” explores the many roles textiles play in everyday life.

“Our goal is to show the public that textiles go well beyond the clothes on your back,” David Smith, executive vice president of Milliken & Company and president of Milliken’s Textile Business, said. “The work we do to design and manufacture some of the highest performing fabrics in the world is transforming industries and improving lives.”

The company’s history dating back to 1884 includes its investment in 43 U.S. textile mills, cementing its position in the American textile industry. It began manufacturing textiles of its own in 1944 at the Defore Mill in South Carolina, which produced tire cords during World War II. Milliken’s textile portfolio today extends across the building and infrastructure, automotive, apparel, and protective fabrics categories. Headquartered in Spartanburg, S.C., Milliken’s Textile Business employs more than 4,500 workers with a global manufacturing footprint that spans 26 plants.

“Our business is incredibly diverse, from the industries we serve to the products we develop. That’s what makes the ‘Anything. Everywhere.’ campaign so comprehensive; it captures the power of textiles in the simplest form, by showing them applied to everyday life,” Michael Eckert, director of brand and content for Milliken’s Textile Business, said. “This campaign asks everyone to consider what textiles can do for them. We’re pushing the limits of what is expected from a manufacturing company.”

The campaign debuted in December 2022 and will continue to run through social media channels, trade shows and events, as well as other digital platforms. The campaign begins with a young woman waking up before transitioning to the text, “this is a story about textiles.” It then showcases textiles being utilized across various industries that seem to span all of Milliken’s sectors.

“We’re all in the moments that matter,” the video said. “Anything. Everywhere.”