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Mount Vernon FR Adds New Fabrics To Its Flame Resistant Line

Mount Vernon FR just expanded its flame resistant fabrics collection.

The Georgia-based textile manufacturer on Wednesday announced the extension of its flame resistant fabrics Resilience line. The new fabrics include Arapaho R, Hopi N2X and Navajo N2X and they feature high-tenacity nylon or Kevlar blended with cotton for optimal durability.

Mount Vernon FR recently surveyed 400 environmental, health and safety (EHS) professionals that said their biggest challenge was finding more durable flame resistant clothing.

“It is important that EHS professionals invest in flame resistant clothing programs that ensure the maximum level of durability to better protect their employees and fully take advantage of the lifetime of a flame resistant garment, which is what we aim to provide with our expanded collection of enhanced Resilience fabrics,” said the company’s vice president of FR Fabrics, Mike Woods.

Industries that require flame resistant garments for intense wear-and-tear activities will benefit from the new Arapaho R fabric. Composed of 7.5 ounce cotton, Kevlar and nylon, Arapaho R provides comfort without risking element exposure. The filling yarn of Arapaho R contains cotton, which makes the garment feel very comfortable on the skin. A durable exterior made out of nylon and Kevlar protects individuals from hazardous flame conditions.

N2X fabrics, including Hopi N2X and Navajo N2X, provide more comfort, since they are crafted out of cotton blends with 25 percent high-tenacity nylon. Both fabrics have twice the amount of nylon and can resist 3 times more abrasion, while providing the body with evaporative cooling compared to regular fabrics.

An 8.5 ounce basket weave is Hopi N2X’s base, which is perfect for industries that want lightweight flame-proof clothing that lasts. Weighing in at 9.5 ounces, Navajo N2X is suited for heavier flame-resistant clothing, such as bib overalls or outerwear.

Arapaho R, Hopi N2X and Navajo N2X, in addition to other fabrics featured in the Resilience line, meet all industry standards, NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112 and ASTM F-1506.